Italy: logistics workers on strike

After years of struggles, today, 22nd March 2013, logistics workers are striking all over Italy for their national contract. In the North, warehouses are closed, long lorries rows stopped by the workers mark the landscape.

Commodities are blocked and great companies like Ikea, TNT, Bartolini, Coop, DHL cannot make profits. In many workplaces no one crossed the picket lines; in Settala (Milan) CGIL, the biggest Italian trade union, tried to boycott the strike and their shop steward was one of twenty people (out of 350) to cross the picket line.

In Anzola (Bologna) police charged strikers and people arrived there in solidarity with the workers struggle. Some people were hit by batons, punches and kicks; one of them was assisted by an ambulance.

- Breaking news of the day (in italian)

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