The "Jobs Act": the end of labour rights in Italy

The so-called Jobs Act, passed by the Renzi government in May and December 2014, can easily be described as Italy’s most important labour reform in recent years. In a speech before parliament in December, the Italian prime minister pointed out that…

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Baltimore: by any means necessary

[Baltimore, April 28/2015] It is not easy to sum the history of oppression that is being expressed in these days of protests and riots in Baltimore. Such task gets even more difficult when your hands are shaking of anxiety and helplessness, while right outside your window a couple of police officers are arresting a teen and the entire city is a frenzy of sirens.…

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"An injury to all": the class struggle is back in Italy

As Renzi’s center-left government intensifies the project of neoliberal restructuring, a wave of self-organized class struggle takes off across Italy.…

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The double face of Eataly: they eat, we work

The story of Eataly begins in 2007 with the opening of the first store in Turin (Italy), which was interestingly enough built on an old factory site.…

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Rete Camere Popolari del Lavoro