An insight on what is happening in Turkey and what it has to do with us. An analysis and some observations

[to all the comrades, to the dead, to the injured, to the arrested during these days of struggle]

Index1. Issues of methodology / 2. Turkey in the last decade / 3. About development contradictions, social classes and mobilizations of last years / 4. The…

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The national campaign against IKEA in Italy
‘An injury to one is an injury to all’

‘Take a traditional strike where you wave your flag, or climb a roof in protest... you can spend your entire life there, nothing will change. No more hunger strikes! It is time for the employer to starve! As for us, we suffer enough every day in the work place.
This is not our struggle, it is everybody’s struggle in the crisis: if we win in one place it gets better for us all’ (Interview to Mohamed Arafat, logistics sector worker, Uninomade.org, 01/11/2013).…

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International mobilization against IKEA to reinstate 24 fired workers in Piacenza (Italy)

On Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th July 2014, rallies have been organized outside 13 IKEA stores all over Italy. Workers and supporters were there in solidarity with workers at the central warehouse in Piacenza: 24 of them were fired by the IKEA subcontracting company they work for because of their unionization and the struggles they have been conducting since 2012 to improve their working conditions and in order to obtain fairer wages.…

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About Us

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Clash City Workers is a collective made of workers, the unemployed, and those commonly known as the ‘young precariat’. As a group, we formed in 2009, and we concentrate our activity mostly in Naples, Rome, Florence, and Padua; we also…

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Rete Camere Popolari del Lavoro